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While there are many advantages to being self-employed, one of the major obstacles is the availability of credit to self-employed people.

Many lending institutions impose stricter credit criteria on self-employed people because they may not have the stable income of a salaried employee. Many do not understand the creative accounting procedures used by many entrepreneurs.

Obtaining financing for self-employed people can be as simple as refining your accounting procedures to provide financial statements in a format acceptable to lending institutions. Or you may have to approach an institution or private investor who understands the nuances of self-employment, and is prepared to advance a mortgage based solely on the equity of your property.

The Mortgage Department Corporation will work closely with you to ensure you receive the best available financing, suited to your individual needs.

I got my mortgage from Jim in 2004. He was friendly, professional and very helpful with every aspect of my mortgage. I've since recommended him to friends and family with no regrets!

Jason P - Toronto

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3.29% 1 yr Closed 3.69%
3.09% 3 yr Closed 2.99%
3.09% 5 yr Closed 2.59%
2.85% Adjustable Rate 2.58%
3.34% 7 yr Closed 3.49%
3.95% Bank Prime 3.95%
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