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Canadians are discovering that there are many reasons for getting a second mortgage.

You may want to borrow money to buy a new vehicle, remodel your house or maybe you have a medical situation that requires some money to help with hospital bills. Perhaps you want to go back to school or you have a child that wants to attend university or college.

Starting a new business? Many have used second mortgages as a means to raise start-up capital for a new business venture.

Paying off higher interest credit cards and loans may have you in dire straights and you’re searching for bad credit second mortgage refinancing.

What ever your reasons, you can investigate the possibilities of using this type of financial tool by contacting a mortgage broker from the Mortgage Department. You may be pleasantly surprised at the options available.

Thanks so much for making an experience that truly scares me so very easy. It has always been a pleasure working with The Mortgage Department and we will always come back for the great service and comfortable nature of your business. Thank you so much.

Ann Marie - Mississauga

Mortgage Rates

Bank Rate Term Our Rate
3.29% 1 yr Closed 3.69%
3.09% 3 yr Closed 2.99%
3.09% 5 yr Closed 2.59%
2.85% Adjustable Rate 2.58%
3.34% 7 yr Closed 3.49%
3.95% Bank Prime 3.95%
Rates are subject to change without notice.