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There's only one way to get the best available mortgage: Force lenders to fight for your business! All sorts of web sites advertise "Today's Best Rates" but mortgage rates fluctuate constantly, and by the time you apply, they'll no doubt have changed. The only way to get an accurate, real-time assessment of your mortgage is to contact a mortgage broker at The Mortgage Department Corporation today.

Current Mortgage Rates

Bank RateTermOur Rate
2.69% 1 yr Closed 1.74%
3.45% 3 yr Closed 1.74%
4.79% 5 yr Closed 1.64%
2.45% Adjustable Rate 1.50%
5.40% 7 yr Closed 2.74%
2.45% Bank Prime 2.45%
Rates are subject to change without notice.

There's more to mortgages than interest rates. We analyse all the variables, so you can be confident you're making the smartest choice - and only by pitting lenders against one another can you be sure you're getting the best possible deal.

We treat our customers with respect and are passionate about helping people with one of life's most important purchases.

Call a mortgage professional at The Mortgage Department Corporation today and take the guess work out of the mortgage process.

Principal Broker

Jim Panasiuk Mortage Broker

Customer Reviews

Thanks so much for making an experience that truly scares me so very easy. It has always been a pleasure working with The Mortgage Department and we will always come back for the great service and comfortable nature of your business. Thank you so much.

Ann Marie - Mississauga